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June 11, 2019
ASRock built a Mini-ITX sized RX 570

April 26, 2018
ASRock fills out range of 8th Gen Mini-ITX boards

October 09, 2017
Intel Atom C3958 gets benchmarked

September 29, 2017
Intels next generation NUCs

September 14, 2017
ZOTAC introduces two new ZBOX Mini PC

September 08, 2017
pfSense to require AES-NI from 2.5

September 06, 2017
Gigabyte's GTX 1080 Mini ITX OC 8G Graphics Card

September 05, 2017
ASRock launches DeskMini GTX/RX mini PC

September 05, 2017
Gigabyte's Denverton Mini-ITX motherboards

September 05, 2017
Choosing the right DC-DC PSU

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The "SpacePanel"
June 29, 2002

PC fanatics will be no stranger to the LCD panel - pictures of them adorning the front of PC cases are on the increase. A pre-packaged LCD from one of the big suppliers might offer 2-4 lines of text and simple graphics but we at Mini-ITX.com like to go one step further. We've had so many requests for more information on the LCD used in the SpaceCase we've worked with the designer to create the "SpacePanel". It's remarkably simple to build, works great and Bart has even supplied details on how to create a great looking stand for external mounting.

Bart Banaan's SpacePanel Project Page

Mini-ITX Projects Page

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Hardware section updated (again)
June 28, 2002

We had a small reorganisation of thehardware section, splitting out the news from the suppliers pages. And we added a supplier for Finland (thanks Mikko!) There's also news of a chance to win some silent PC gear at SilentPCReview. Now we've done that we can get back to reporting some real news..

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Hardware section updated
June 24, 2002

Traverse Technologies Australia have announced the MicroServa 500, a Mini-ITX based turnkey firewall solution also available as barebones. We've also pondered using a Zalman Northbridge heatsink in an EPIA-800 and of course ourMini-ITX suppliers list has been updated yet again.

Mini-ITX Hardware Section

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The "SpaceCase"
June 21, 2002

We have the great pleasure of bringing you another great EPIA-Based PC project.Bart Banaan in the Netherlands has created a custom case made of Plexiglass - if there were a competition for number of lights crammed in a PC we're sure Bart would win easily! In Bart's own words he wanted the LED's to be "near burning your eyeballs". Wait till you see the pictures of it in the dark...

Bart Banaan's SpaceCase Project Page
SpaceCase Gallery
Mini-ITX Projects Page

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Crowdcontrol review 2 flavours of Mini-ITX
June 21, 2002

Crowdcontrol.co.uk is another new site like ours, but with a broader remit -"a new technology site for all computer users". They've kindly sent us a link to their EPIA 800/5000 review.

EPIA 5000, EPIA 800 reviewed at crowdcontrol

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Mini-ITX suppliers list update
June 20, 2002

An Australian supplier this time. Check out ourMini-ITX suppliers list.
<jedi mind trick> Then surf the web, find more supplier links and send them to feedback@mini-itx.com </jedi mind trick>

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G-Alantic gears up for mass production
June 19, 2002

G-Alantic are poised for mass-production in July of their GA610iPL and GA610iSG Mini-ITX cases, which like the Cubid 2677 can be mounted both in bookshelf or pizzabox format. Unlike the Cubid 2677 it takes standard 5.25" CD and DVD drives, which may be a deciding factor for some Mini-ITX owners.

Mini-ITX Hardware Section

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4 more Mini-ITX reviews
June 18, 2002

We found 4 more Mini-ITX reviews. First up is one we missed at theInquirer.net:

Via's EPIA 5000, EPIA 800 reviewed at theInquirer.net

And another at silentpcreview.com, with power consumption and temperature comparisons:

EPIA 5000 review at silentpcreview.com

This EPIA 5000 review is in German, so we have no idea what it says ;)

EPIA 5000 review at CHIP Online.de

Perhaps the most objective review is of the EPIA 800 over at overclockers.au - it looks at what the board is suitable for, but also less suitable (UT2003 for instance). Kevin has also put in some decent photos, and provided benchmarks for his system.

EPIA 800 review at overclockers.com.au

As an added bonus for our Japanese reader, check outthis andthis...

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Mini-ITX suppliers list growing
June 18, 2002

We added a Japanese, French and German supplier to ourMini-ITX suppliers list. If you can find any more, please help us by sending links to feedback@mini-itx.com

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HitechMODs create "The Ice Cube"
June 16, 2002

HitechMODs.com have created an illuminated case using plexiglass and an EPIA-800 motherboard. They provide full project details, so maybe its time to dust off that table saw?

The Ice Cube at HiTechMODs.com
Mini-ITX projects page

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VIAHArdware Computex 2002 coverage
June 14, 2002

We never quite made it to Computex - but VIAHardware.com did, and produced an excellent report focussing on Small Form Factor PCs and of course featuring the Mini-ITX platform. They have pictures of some great looking Shuttle products, including a very desirable SS51 packing a GeForce 4 Ti4600 punch. Soldam's EXE looks like it was recently discovered on the moon by scientists and started to emit a high-pitched radio signal toward Jupiter, and their other designs look equally intriguing. VIA had a colourful new reference case design, there's more information on the CLE266 chipset which may power future Mini-ITX designs, and some nice cases from Chyang Fun. There are pictures of Mini-ITX motherboards of varying sizes from Lex and ACorp.

VIAHardware.com - Small Form Factors at Computex

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Mini-ITX manual, diagrams and a new mainboard specification white paper
June 13, 2002

VIA have updated their Mini-ITX Mainboard Specification White Paper. We've added links to this, the Mainboard Operation Guidelines and User's Manual to thehardware section.

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Mini-ITX suppliers list growing
June 13, 2002

Thanks to a tip off from our foreign correspondent Nicolas ;-), we've added a three French Mini-ITX suppliers to ourMini-ITX suppliers list. We've also moved it into thehardware section. And now we've added a German supplier. And MightyGuru just sent us another American one. And Sweden, mustn't forget them - thanks Anders! The list is growing - help us fill it by sending links to feedback@mini-itx.com

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Mini-ITX.com expands (slightly)
June 10, 2002

We managed to stop playing Tribes2 for an hour and added a hardware section. Currently there's a run-down of what cases are available for the Mini-ITX platform, and some pictures of some of the lovely cases that were on display at Computex.

Mini-ITX.com Hardware page

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Tom's Hardware and Hexus.net review 1GHz C3
June 09, 2002

Tom's Hardware have reviewed the 1GHz C3 using an MSI MS-6368 motherboard.

"The C3 has definitely won the power and temperature race: no other desktop processor consumes as little energy and wastes as little power as the C3. Looking at performance and power output in terms of a ratio, the C3 blows away its competitors. Congratulations to VIA for designing a processor that provides the most performance per Watt, finally showing that sufficient processing performance does not necessarily entail high power consumption."

VIA's C3 Hits 1 GHz - TomsHardware

Hexus.net reviewed their 1GHz C3 using a Shuttle FV24 motherboard.

"Where the older chips have failed before this new chip has what it takes to chug along happily and in perfect silence."

VIA C3 Gold CPU - 1GHz Reviewat Hexus.net

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VIAHardware review the Shuttle SS40G
June 09, 2002

VIAHardware have reviewed the Shuttle SS40G, the long-awaited AMD version of the SS50. With a lovely case and innovative heatpipe/radiator CPU cooling system giving much quieter operation, this looks to be the machine the SS50 very nearly was. Mini-ITX case designers take note.

"Working with the SS40G was a pleasure. It is very well designed, and even comes with an installation manual with color pictures. I recommend reading this manual, as it has several tips in it about routing the cables and the best order to install things in. It is a very welcome addition to the package."

Shuttle SS40G Barebones Review

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VIAArena's name that Beetle Competition
June 09, 2002

VIAArena have launched another competition, this time to name the Beetle-shaped Mini-ITX PC created by Antony "BlueSmurf" Winn in Australia. You won't win the actual Beetle PC (codename: Jelly Bean), but you could win a sparkling new VIA EPIA motherboard if they like your name. To get an idea of the immense amount of work that went into creating the Mini-ITX Beetle, take look at the construction section of Antony's GTRPC page.

Project Jelly Bean Competition

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Computex debut for VIA's new wave
June 04, 2002

If proof was needed of VIA's diversification then look no further than this year's Computex. Amongst the announcements was the incredible CLE266 motherboard chipset - it sports USB, AGP 8x, and 2 video capture ports. With real-time MPEG-2 compression too and no external AGP slot this seems like the perfect mini-motherboard chipset!

"The VIA Apollo CLE266 boasts a complete integrated VIA 128-bit 2D/3D graphics engine with a high quality video processing unit including MPEG-2 decoding, video scaling and Alpha Blending. In addition, there is support for CRT, LCD or TV dual display technology, two Video Capture ports and Picture in Picture functionality for multi-channel capability. The VIA Apollo CLE266 North Bridge is connected to the very latest in South Bridge technology, the VT8235 through a 4X V-Link connection to the North Bridge transferring data at 266MB/s, twice the speed of the conventional PCI bus. This enables CLE266 based systems and devices to take advantage of the integrated support for 6 USB 2.0 ports with 40 times more bandwidth than USB 1.1, as well as ATA-133, the fastest available IDE interface. Additional features include integrated VIA MAC for 10/100Mbps Ethernet, integrated PCI support, 6 Channel Surround Sound AC'97 audio interface and MC'97 modem."

VIA press release - CLE266

TheDDRzone have a rather splendid collection of pictures from Computex, including some incredibly small Eden based motherboards seemingly from NFIC and AAEON (146 x 101mm!). TheVIA powered Beetle is in there, and we think we spy a dual NIC motherboard in there too, which will please the cable gateway crowd.

Lots of pictures from Computex at DDRzone

Also announced was the Envy24HT Multi-Channel Audio Controller - aimed squarely at the mid to upper range of the market. It seems VIA is gunning for Creative Labs & Turtle Beach's territory. With 10 x 24-bit outputs and 192kHz sampling, this is not a half-hearted effort. Partners include M-Audio, TerraTec, Altec Lansing, and ESI.

VIA press release - Envy 24HT

Also on show was VIA's latest C3 processor, which consumes just 5.7 watts whilst storming along at 1GHz. Like previous C3s, it still only requires a heatsink and a small fan.

VIA press release - 1GHz C3

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Mini-ITX is very small - we proved it
June 01, 2002

Perhaps we didn't make ourselves clear. These Mini-ITX motherboards really are very small indeed. And quiet (there's no fan anywhere in this picture). And powerful (this baby will play full screen DVD under XP straight from the box). And cheap (under 90 GBP with CPU). Interested? Read on...

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1GHz C3 to debut at Computex
June 01, 2002

VIA will be debuting a 1GHz version of their low temperature, low power C3 processor at Computex Taipei (June 3rd-7th). Also on show will be the fruits of VIA's purchase in 2000 of ICEnsemble: a pro audio controller - the Envy 24HT, which gives 24-bit resolution, 96kHz sampling rates, and up to 12 input and output channels. VIA have also recently announced a new Firewire chipset and we may even see new Mini-ITX products.

Computex Swings to the VIA Audio Beat!
VIA Fire IIM VT6307 Brings 1394 Connectivity to Smaller Form Factors
Computex 2002 Website

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Mini-ITX's first project guide is online
June 01, 2002

We have our 1st project guide online, how to create a very powerful Linux-based home gateway / firewall using IPCop. Hopefully this is the first of many mini-ITX authored guides.

Mini-ITX.com Projects Page
IPCop based Home Gateway

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