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Unicorn's Mini-ITX
May 30, 2003

Unicorn Computer Corp's ENDAT-3203M is essentially an EPIA V variant with a few twists. It has an 800Mhz C3 or 533Mhz Eden processor, Realtek or Intel 10/100 LAN (VIA use their own in their version), a single DIMM socket and most interestingly, what looks to be LVDS support onboard. Unicorn build all-in-one industrial motherboards, so this will be of most interest if you are building an ATM..

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The "Falcon-ITX"
May 28, 2003

To the untrained eye, and from a distance, Russ Caslis' Millenium Falcon-ITX looks to all intents and purposes like the spaceship made famous by George Lucas' acclaimed multi-part documentary series "Star Wars". Look closer, and you will see it is in fact a scale model, with electro-luminescent wire for engine lights, and an EPIA 800 in the cargo bay. This one won't manage the Kessel run in 12 parsecs just yet (that's a planned upgrade), but it plays MP3s pretty well...

Russ Caslis' "Falcon-ITX"

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Three Ammo Can PCs
May 23, 2003

George Perkins' "AmmoLAN"

Chad Nelson's "Ammo Tux"

Guy Pracy's "Ammo Box"

Three PCs made from EPIAs inside infinitely useful army surplus ammo cans, all solving the problem slightly differently...

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The "Pet ITX"
May 21, 2003

Andy Stirling continued a fine Mini-ITX recycling tradition by breathing new life into into his 4032 series Commodore PET, armed with a Stanley Knife, EPIA M9000 and 12" TFT...

Andy Stirling's "Pet-ITX"

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Linking to Mini-ITX.com
May 20, 2003

A number of webmasters have asked if we have any "official" logos to use when linking to us. Well yes, yes we do. Don't forget to tell us if you use one! Here's our first effort, in standard 88x31 pixel format, and a non-standard 100x34 pixel format...

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Hush release Nehemiah Mini-ITX PC
May 20, 2003

Hush Technologies have announced availability of the Nehemiah speed-bumped version of their Silent Mini-ITX PC. These lovely machines also have an increased number of configurable options, and are available to order immediately at the Mini-ITX online store.

Nehemiah Hush Silent Mini-ITX PCs at our Online Store

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Nehemiah M10000 Review
May 19, 2003

The Nehemiah M10000 is the latest EPIA M motherboard from VIA, with an improved "Nehemiah" C3 CPU core. We've taken this opportunity to review the Nehemiah in a head to head battle with other EPIA motherboards. Does it live up to all the hype? Read on...

Nehemiah M10000 Review

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Pentium 4M Mini-ITX from Commell
May 14, 2003

Commell Systems Corporation in Taiwan have announced a Mini-ITX (170x170mm) industrial motherboard based on the Mobile Pentium 4 platform. The LV-670M (not to be confused with their Pentium 4 LV-670 board) features the Intel 845GV chipset with built in Intel Extreme Graphics, a 400Mhz FSB, support for 1 stick of DDR 266/333 SDRAM, 10/100 LAN interface, 2 x USB 2.0, Firewire, S/PDIF and 5.1 audio, and TV-Out. There is also an LV-670M LVDS version which can interface directly to an LCD display - this version is targetted at system integrators building POS terminals, Kiosks, ATMs, Car PCs and the like. Their range of embedded Mini-ITX motherboards now spans the processors from the Eden to the P4, showing the versatility of the Mini-ITX form factor. Commell are an industrial manufacturer, so it is unfortunately more likely you will see this board inside a future Set Top Box or Digital Video Recorder than inside an ET or computing relic from the 80s anytime soon.

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More Japanese Madness
May 07, 2003

Those crazy Japanese fools have done it again! We're bowing to popular pressure to bring you this simple tale of an EPIA 5000 and what appears to be a plaster or foam-based artificial female. Common decency dictates we don't describe to you exactly where the motherboard (and exhaust fan) has been placed. Suffice to say she has a rather natty hip-slung DVD, and IDE cables aren't very long. Thanks to Gregg, Hussein, James, Alan, Kristian, Pete and Ole for pointing this out. You can stop sending us emails now.

Crazy Japanese Fembot ... and here's the flyer ...

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Millennium Falcon Mini-ITX on TechTV
May 02, 2003

A reader mysteriously named simply "Doug" sent us this link to an article on TechTV describing their Millennium Falcon PC:

"Too bad they don't have pictures! Because it is a site to behold... You might still be able to catch the rerun of this show... "

Worry ye not Doug, because we made this fabulous artists impression a mere six months ago when we were toying with a "Things we would like you to turn into Mini-ITX projects for us" article! We're based in the UK, so won't catch the rerun - where's that EPIA with MPEG4 encoding when you need it?

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