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The ONEbox Media Center
June 26, 2003

Niveus Media, Inc in California have begun presales on the 80GB and 160GB version of their ONEbox Media Center. At the heart of their system is the (you guessed it) EPIA M10000 1Ghz Mini-ITX motherboard, with additional hardware support in the form of an ATI All In Wonder video card for PVR and cable TV tuning functionality and a handy 6 in 1 memory card reader/writer. The enclosure measures just 11.4" by 12.9" by 3.7". Orders are expected to ship in mid July, initially for the US and Canada, with support for PAL, satellite TV and wider digital cable support to follow.

The ONEbox Media Center software sits on top of Windows XP Home, and controls playback of DVDs, video files, music, photos and TV through the optional wireless remote. An EPG is provided courtesy of TitanTV, and video pausing, recording and timeshifting is of course possible. It's a real PC, so you can do all the things you shouldn't be doing with a standard set top box.

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The "PSU PC"
June 25, 2003

Armed with some Velcro, a smaller-than Mini-ITX board and laptop hard drive, Jeffrey L Stephenson gutted a standard ATX Power Supply to make...

Jeffrey L Stephenson's "PSU PC"

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The "Pomgolian Web Server"
June 24, 2003

Chris Hammond's web server is the 6 string guitar hanging on the wall in this picture. There's an EPIA 800 inside...

Chris Hammond's "Pomgolian Web Server"

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Ultra quiet Tranquil PC launched
June 19, 2003


Tranquil PC here in the UK have launched their new ultra quiet Mini-ITX PC with Nehemiah M10000 motherboard, with worldwide availability. Tranquil PCs measure just 330mm x 255mm x 63mm (W X D x H) and can be purchased both as fully configurable systems and part-assembled in barebones format. The system is targetted at both consumers and OEMs - custom case colours and logos are options for anyone purchasing a small(ish) number. Standard colours are black and silver, with a rather natty acrylic "blue glow" front panel. The secret of the enclosure is the finned chassis linked directly to the CPU and Northbridge double-heatsink, allowing for totally fanless operation even under load.

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The "Telefunken 2003"
June 18, 2003

Daniel Larsson upgraded his 45 year old Telefunken Jubilate 9 to create the ultimate Internet radio. He made the buttons functional too - the left one ejects CDs from the top, rather like a toaster. More EPIAs inside-of-antiques please - perhaps a grandfather clock, or coal scuttle.

Daniel Larsson's "Telefunken 2003"

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New Cubids from Morex
June 17, 2003

Morex Cubid 3677 Mini-ITX Case

Morex Cubid 3688 Mini-ITX Case

Morex don't seem to have officially released their new line of Cubid cases, and they haven't reached distribution yet - but the information has been on their site for the past couple of weeks and we couldn't stand it any longer.. The Cubid 3677 and Cubid 3688 cases measure 65mm x 210mm x 258mm, making them smaller than their very popular 26xx range of cases. Both cases are designed for the Classic EPIAs and the EPIA Vs, have 2 front mounted USB ports, take slimline optical drives, and are powered by an external universal 100-240V laptop style PSU. Where they differ from the 26xx cases is their 2.5" HDD bracket, keeping size down and drive noise to a minimum. We're not sure what they're constructed of. Probably not wood.

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The "Atari 800 ITX"
June 16, 2003

Andy Hutson fitted an EPIA M into an Atari 800, and integrated a direct-to-Atari SIO interface. Not content with that, he built a matching mouse using a spare Star Raiders cartridge...

Andy Hutson's "Atari 800 ITX"

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Football Playing Mini-ITX Robots!
June 12, 2003

In May Fernando Riberio's HUMAN team of Mini-ITX powered robots went to Robotica 2003 in Lisbon to play football using components purchased from our very own store... Here's his match report.

Robotica 2003 Match Report

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The "Humidor V"
June 07, 2003

Jeffrey L Stephenson's latest iteration of EPIA inside o' Humidor has a front mounted control panel module with an LCD. And he's built a small army of them in oak, cherry and rosewood...

Jeffrey L Stephenson's "Humidor V"

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The "Humidor PC"
June 07, 2003

Jamie Burke liked Jeffrey's Humidor PCs so much, he made his own...

Jamie Burke's "Humidor PC"

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The "Biscuit Tin PC"
June 05, 2003

Tipu made a Mini-ITX case out of an Aluminium biscuit tin, and gave it a rather snazzy VFD display. He removed the biscuits first, of course. Talking of biscuits, it was our 1st birthday last week. And we didn't notice - oh well.

Tipu's "Biscuit Tin PC"

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