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The "EPIA Alloy Mod"
May 17, 2006

The 'EPIA Alloy Mod'

Micke Gustafsson is clearly nuts about case modding, with many a be-spoke creation under his belt. VIA started things rolling when they let him have an EPIA SP 13000 going spare. Before he began, he needed direction. A chance trip to a local tyre store inflated his ideas. An alloy wheel was acquired, and his home quickly became a hub of activity. But the first version wasn't well balanced enough, and he was under pressure to deliver a mod of a higher calliper. There was a brake for a redesign. A disc-ussion with Geoff over at Bit-Tech helped steer Micke in the right direction. And a wheely small picoPSU courtesy of ourselves helped lower the profile of his creation. The result was a unique Alloy Wheel PC, running a Mini-ITX at 1.3GHz.

Micke Gustafsson's "EPIA Alloy Mod" (Bit-Tech.net)

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Albatron's ViiV "Nano PC"
May 09, 2006

Albatron's ViiV 'Nano-PC'

Albatron's "Nano PC" fits an Intel 945GT+ICH7 chipset motherboard and Core Solo or Duo processor into an appealing 224 x 160 x 50 mm enclosure. Essentially the same raw technology inside as Apple's Intel Mac Mini, with a ViiV sticker on it. We took a quick look at an early prototype a few weeks ago and took some photos.

More pictures and specifications

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