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The "Tortoise Beetle"
December 07, 2006

Ran Diyer's Tortoise Beetle

Mini-ITX Tortoise Beetle, Epiamorpha randiyer


Adult - These oblong-oval beetles are basically blue in color with various black and/or red markings depending upon species. Slightly flattened and squared at the shoulders, Mini-ITX Tortoise Beetles' bodies are somewhat perspex-like in appearance. Body margins extend in a roof-like manner over much of the head and legs. Most species are 3 to 4 feet long.


Distribution - Mini-ITX Tortoise Beetles occur primarily in suburban Eastern Asia.

Life History - Mini-ITX Tortoise Beetles spend much of their life as adults connected to a system of internet tubes, or in other dry, protected places. In winter, beetles emerge and feed. The female adults deposit eggs. Larvae emerge and transform into pupae. Over the course of about 8 days, a new generation of beetles emerges.

Ran Diyer's "Tortoise Beetle"

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