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The Octimod Mini-ITX Cluster
February 26, 2007

Octimod Mini-ITX Cluster

Ainkaboot's Octimod MPC7-1500 is a high density Gentoo Linux-based clustering platform based on Mini-ITX boards. Each processing module is hot-swappable, and contains a 1.5GHz C7 powered VIA EPIA EN 15000 motherboard.

Processing modules boot over the network from a server running on a module configured as a master node (or from multiple master nodes). SATA RAID modules provide shared storage, with a rack mounted distributed DC power supply providing power for each module. Up to 8 modules can be fitted in 4U 42 inch rack with - as the Octimod is only 300mm deep - an additional 8 modules mountable behind.

Cooling a server room is one the main costs associated with a datacentre. A C7 Mini-ITX board can consume 1W when idle and up to just 30W under load. A 4U Octimod rack of 7 CPU modules together with a drive module provides 10.5 GHz of CPU whilst consuming around 220W, or about 20 watts per gigahertz. Al Gore would be proud.


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The FLeX 4.2 Foldable Mini-ITX HTPC
February 14, 2007

FLeX 4.2

The FLeX 4.2 is a rather special Mini-ITX powered Media Center from P. Guerra srl in Milan, Italy.

FLeX 4.2

On one half of the chassis sits an Intel Core 2 Duo Mini-ITX motherboard. Everything is configurable, with a fully loaded system sporting a 2.33GHz T7600 Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, 2GB DDRII RAM, 750GB 3.5in vibration damped SATA HDD, 7.1 Audio, Gigabit Ethernet, Slimline DVD-RW and a choice of DVB (Satellite, Cable, Terrestrial) and Hybrid Digital/Analogue TV Tuners. HD-DVD, BluRay and Vista are on the way.

FLeX 4.2

Two high quality audio amplifiers are mounted in the other side of the chassis. The amplifier will work without turning on the PC allowing it to be used with external audio sources through two gold plated RCA audio inputs, making it the ultimate iPod docking station. The ICEpower modules are made by Bang & Olufsen and can deliver up to 400W RMS with 4 Ohm loads or 200W RMS with 8 Ohm loads. The Flex 4.2 can be bundled with an IR receiver and software allowing it to be controlled by a Beo4 remote controller, fully integrating it with Bang & Olufsen A/V systems.

Pietroguerra's DynaLight technology analyses the ambient light conditions hundreds of times per second using sensors built into the case, dynamically modifying the tonal range of your screen ensuring the best picture regardless of room lighting.

FLeX 4.2

Most strikingly - the two halves of the flexible chassis are connected, allowing the FLeX 4.2 to be folded and repositioned without reconnecting any cables, transforming in shape from pizza box to cube format to suit your mood and impress your friends. The size of the system is 43 x 9.5 x 30cm when "flat" or 21.5 x 17.5 x 30cm when "folded". Another even smaller version (the FLeX 0) is available without the amplifier but with all the Media Center features.

P.Guerra srl

Full specifications and configurator (Mini-ITX Store)

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The Mini-ITX is 5
February 06, 2007

VIA Technologies have announced a month of birthday celebrations for their EPIA Mini-ITX motherboards, five today (ish). It's time to put on our party hats and blow our plastic trumpets.

We don't need to remind you that in that the past 5 years the phrase "Mini-ITX" has become synonymous with low power consumption, small sized, low noise, fully integrated x86 computing. Or for Mini-ITX enthusiasts stuffing their boards in unusual places and then sending us documentary evidence to prove it. VIA can do that for you - in fact they've got a nice press release all about it.


VIA Arena has a gallery of (some rather familiar) Mini-ITX projects, with a poll running between 10th and 24th February for your favourites. Get there early and you can suggest more projects.

EPIA Center would like you to send in a Mini-ITX related photo with a birthday theme by 25th February.

Impromptu Mini-ITX.com competition because everybody else has one: Send us an email briefly stating the best and worst features of your Mini-ITX board by 23rd February and we'll randomly and quite unfairly pick one out of the hat as the winner. Unless you send us something that makes us laugh, in which case we'll change the rules to let you win. Prize is whatever we can blag from VIA, or failing that something from the Mini-ITX Store. Email address for entries is feedback at mini-itx dot com.

VIA's Mini-ITX 5th Birthday Press Release

Our unofficial History of Mini-ITX

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