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EPIA PX Pico-ITX board in the wild
March 30, 2007

Our favourite Japanese tech website Akihabaranews has snagged some pictures of VIA's EPIA PX 10000GX Pico-ITX board - this time with a heatsink. The heatsink looks to be about 2cm tall together with a fan in the centre. Pre-release and engineering samples of boards have known to pop up in Akihabara before (often many months before release), but are usually fairly close to the final product.

Pico-ITX boards measure just 10 x 7.2cm. Here's a photo we took of one (without a heatsink) when we met VIA a few weeks ago.

EPIA PX Pictures at Akihabara News

VIA demonstrate EPIA PX at CES

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Vote for your favourite Intel Core Processor Challenge PC Design
March 19, 2007

Vote for your favourite Intel Core Processor Challenge PC Design

Intel's $1m Core Processor PC Design Challenge is reaching the final stages, and you can vote for your favourite "People's Choice" design at IntelChallenge.com. There are plenty of videos to watch, including one from a semi-finalist with at least 6 Mini-ITX project designs archived on our project pages. Well done Jeffrey!

The snappily named Intel Core Processor Challenge PC Design People’s Choice Award runs parallel to the industry-judged Intel Core Processor Challenge, but contains many of the same semi-finalists. The People's Choice winner will be announced on April 20th. The winner(s) of the $1m award will be announced at the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing (April 17th-18th).

Vote for your favourite design

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Mini-ITX makes prime time
March 10, 2007

Did anyone else notice Agent Eppes briefly fumble with an EPIA M 10000 on Numb3rs this week? Oh. Just us then.


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The Giraffe Video Conferencing Robot
March 08, 2007

The Giraffe Video Conferencing Robot

Roy and Dan Sandberg have seen the future - and the future is remote controlled video conferencing robots. Their company HeadThere is developing the Giraffe, a 1GHz Mini-ITX powered human height robot with a click-to-move interface.

The impact resistant base contains 5in wheels and dual drive motors capable of powering the Giraffe along at a brisk 2 metres per second. Collision sensors prevent you from more than lightly tapping anything. The remotely tiltable head unit has a 14in LCD panel and 2MP video camera with a 120 degree field of view. Two way audio comes courtesy of a built in speaker and microphones. The head unit is height adjustable between standing and sitting height.

The Giraffe Video Conferencing Robot

HeadThere are hoping the Giraffe will find many uses for people wanting to work or manage remotely, for factory tours, daycare monitoring, in hospitals and even remote shopping.

Robotics hobbyists are invited to develop their own applications when the source code is released.

The Giraffe Video Conferencing Robot

Here at Mini-ITX we're big robot fans. Aspirational companies like HeadThere make Karel Capek's 90 year old vision seem attainable, one step at a time.


HeadThere Mailing List

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