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Dell targets emerging markets with EC280 Mini-ITX PC
May 23, 2007

Dell EC280

Dell have introduced the EC280 desktop computer, a low cost Mini-ITX based PC aimed at emerging markets.

Underneath the hood is a 1.2GHz Intel Celeron M 205, and a SiSM661GX chipset - presumably a very close relative of the recently announced "Little Valley" D201GLY motherboard from Intel.

The EC280 measures 4.5 litres, comes with Windows XP Home installed and of course consumes just 65W. Our chinese isn't what it was, but pricing seems to start at around $340.

EC280 product page

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Intel to offer Mini-ITX desktop board
May 16, 2007

Intel D201GLY Mini-ITX board

Intel will shortly add a Mini-ITX to its range of desktop boards, in their cost efficient "Essentials" range. The D201GLY features an Intel Celeron 200 series processor soldered directly to the motherboard, with a SiS662 Chipset providing integrated SiS Mirage 1 graphics.

Intel are targetting the board at the high-growth "sub-entry" market - for use in PCs costing less than $US299 in both developing and mature markets. With a 1.33GHz single-core Celeron 215 fitted, the board requires less than 27W of power.

The "Little Valley" D201GLY will not be the first foray into Mini-ITX for Intel - many Mini-ITX boards have used Intel CPUs, and their mobile chipsets are often appropriated for the form factor by board manufacturers. But the D201GLY is the first Intel-branded board to appear - albeit with a non-Intel chipset.

Intel Desktop Boards Products List

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