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Five Atom Mini-ITX Boards Reviewed
September 23, 2008


In our multiple Atom board review, we cover the original Intel D945GCLF motherboard, Gigabyte's GA-GC230D, Jetway's JNC91, a board from MSI due to be released in the next few weeks, and Intel's Dual Core Atom 330 powered D945GCLF2 - released today (or thereabouts).

Five Atom Mini-ITX Boards Reviewed

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"Florian", the DVD burning robot
September 12, 2008

Aaron Shephards' Florian

Aaron Shephards built himself a DVD burning robot to automate his backups. "Florian" picks up a DVD from a stack and places them in the DVD burner to be written. It then flips them over to be labelled, and even discards any bad disks into a naughty pile. All using self-built circuit boards, a few servos and servo controllers, plenty of LEDs, his own software written in Perl and components from local surplus shops. There's an EPIA M10000 motherboard in there too. Somewhere.

Aaron Shephards' "Florian"

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The "i-EPIA"
September 05, 2008

Tim Schellekens' i-EPIA

Tim Schellekens has built an inexpensive Monitor PC from Mini-ITX components and a 15in LCD Monitor found on eBay, loosely inspired by his brother in law's iMac.

This one's currently running Ubuntu.

Tim Schellekens' "i-EPIA"

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