VIA's new CPU naming convention
September 20, 2004

VIA have decided that the next generation of C3 procesor ("Esther" core) will be called the C7. There will be a version targetted for mobile use called the C7-M, which will include power saving technology. The existing mobile C3 processor (previously called "Antaur") has been renamed as the C3-M.

VIA currently has 4 CPUs: C3, C3-M, Eden ESP and Eden-N. VIA will continue to make the existing C3 processors. The addition of the C7 and C7-M sometime next year will bring this total to 6.

The Eden ESP brand will remain - any processor that burns less than 7W and can be passively cooled is deemed to be an Eden processor. VIA expects to be able to reach around 1.2GHz at 7W with the Esther core, so we should see fanless Eden ESPs and Eden-Ns at 1.2GHz next year.

The numerical leap isn't as daft as it seems... C4 is the name of an explosive (customs officials wouldn't appreciate it..), and the processor cores already have codenames such as C5XL and C5P. The codename for Esther is C5J.

VIA announce new processor naming convention

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