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Mini-ITX.com Online Store opens
July 29, 2002

Eden Case Badge - only $3

C3 Case Badge - also only $3

We've had a whole weekend, and what have we done? We've opened the Mini-ITX.com online store, that's what. Our first (and only) product is a must-have for every Mini-ITX project. Genuine "VIA Eden Platform" and "VIA C3 Processor" Case Badges - all for just $3 (US), plus $1 fixed rate shipping (irrespective of number purchased) anywhere in the world... Even to Sweden.

Mini-ITX Online Store

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And another thing...
July 25, 2002

Did we mention we'd posted how to connect 2 additional USB ports to VIA EPIA motherboards on the hardware page? Well we have now. And the online retailers lists have been updated several times for both motherboards and cases. We give a case badge bounty for links to suppliers and for pictures of your projects, but hurry - we'll be changing the rules soon! Oh, and we archived a few news stories onto the news archive page. Sorry SpaceCase, your time has come.. You might also want to check out the Shuttle XPC SS51 review at VIAHardware. Shuttle have carved a solid niche for themselves in the small form factor barebones market, and this could be the machine that really tips the balance. Not a Mini-ITX system (you can buy several EPIAs for the price of an SS51), but the ideal LAN party machine nonetheless. We wonder if VIA are taking notes?

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The "BlueBox"
July 25, 2002

No - this new project will not get you free phonecalls, and it's not made by Cap'n Crunch, it's Mathieu Poignant's new mini-ITX based project. Like everybody else on these pages Mathieu (or rather his girlfriend) wants his new mini-ITX PC to look like ANYTHING but a PC. What does a man in Gay Paree use to house his gleaming new media-pc? A neat looking flightcase - and the finished product looks stupéfier. Faites-le vous-même!

Mathieu Poignant's BlueBox

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The "EdenStation IPX"
July 21, 2002

Anyone who has worked with Sun hardware would agree with us when we say it's built to survive a 10 kilotonne blast and keep ticking. Mark Gill knows this too, which is why he has chosen to use the chassis from an old SPARCstation IPX to house his EPIA-800 motherboard. The admins here at mini-ITX.com have been in the IT industry for some time now and are TOTAL suckers for nostalgic hardware - so we love this kind of thing. What we really want to see is a total conversion of a MAC Classic! - but in the meantime Mark's project is great.

Mark Gill's EdenStation IPX

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The "HTPC"
July 20, 2002

Clarre Strand in Sweden has created a great looking custom case in the shape of a 1/10 size Ford Focus Rally Car! Along with the usual construction guide, we've included many hi-res pictures in the HTPC Gallery. As with all our projects, Clarre wins a fantastic case badge for his efforts, and preservation until beyond the end of time on the Mini-ITX projects pages...

Clarre Strand 's HTPC

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Mini-ITX BIOS updated
July 12, 2002

VIA have updated the Mini-ITX BIOS to version 10F (dated July 11 2002). This adds DMI and full-screen logo support and can be downloaded, along with the Award BIOS Flash Utility you will need to update your BIOS, from:


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The "PlaystationPC"
July 06, 2002

Here is another creative use of a chassis that was never meant to receive a PC motherboard, and at the same time qualifies for one of the smallest cases ever. We're not sure what Sony would make of this project but we have no doubt this is the fastest Playstation ever built!

Per Samuelsson's PlaystationPC

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The "Mediabox"
July 04, 2002

Johannes Hermen in Germany has created a case made from an old tape deck! The ubiquitous Plexiglass once again makes an appearance, this time sprayed silver to make a new front cover. Is there no end to this materials versatility? We're sure you agree it looks stunning - is this the perfect DivX/MP3 box?

Johannes Hermen's Mediabox

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Exclusive -Lucky Star enter Mini-ITX market
July 03, 2002

Lucky Star Technology in Taiwan have announced the imminent availability of their Live 1000 motherboard, based on the Eden 1000 reference design. Samples have already been sent to customers.

The Live 1000 runs the fanless Eden ESP 6000 processor at 667Mhz, making it the fastest silent Mini-ITX motherboard available. The VIA EPIA 5000 runs at 533Mhz.

In some markets, Lucky Star will be bundling a compact size case with their motherboard, and offering it as a barebones system.

Further details on our hardware page

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Nothing to see here
July 02, 2002

This is not the link you are looking for. Move along...

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