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EPIA M to debut in October
August 30, 2002

The next generation of EPIA motherboards to be produced by VIA will be called the EPIA M Series. The 'M' stands for multimedia, representing the target market, and will be based on the CLE266 chipset. Future versions of the EPIA will cater for different market segments and will have another letter representing their intended application.

Speeds and other component details will be released next month. We do know that there will be different speeds to the 2 current VIA boards - the EPIA 5000 (533Mhz Eden) and EPIA 800 (800Mhz C3). The boards will be in mass production in October and will be on display for the first time at the VIA Technology Forum in Taipei this year (October 8-9, 2002).

VIA Technology Forum 2002

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Lucky Star LIVE 2000F - First Look
August 28, 2002

Here is a first look at an engineering sample of Lucky Star's new LIVE 2000F motherboard. It is a Mini-ITX board based on the PN133T (Twister-T) chipset, running an ESP6000 CPU at 667Mhz. The Twister-T chipset provides the 2000F with Savage 4 2D/3D graphics, bringing the Mini-ITX platform more in line with other small form factor motherboards - but with the benefits of the Fanless Eden CPU. Measuring 170mm x 180mm, the 2000F includes a FDD connector (at the bottom of the image) which will make flashing the BIOS easier for some users, if nothing else! Our spies tell us that the engineering samples passed the testing stage and Lucky Star are currently preparing for a pilot run.

Further pictures and details on Mini-ITX Hardware page

Talking of case badges (actually, we weren't...),
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Mini-ITX Online Store

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Mini-ITX BIOS updated to version 202
August 27, 2002

VIA have updated the Mini-ITX BIOS to version 202 (dated August 26 2002). This revision fixes the boot on LAN functionality inadvertently broken in version 201.


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The "SaturnPC"
August 24, 2002

Musse in Sweden hollowed out his Sega Saturn with his Dremel and filled it up again with a Mini-ITX motherboard, hard drive and CD. Once again the trusty Dremel proves an invaluable tool in the armoury of the growing masses of Mini-ITX case modders. If you have a Mini-ITX creation you want to share with the world, contact us at feedback@mini-itx.com and we'll talk free case badges. Musse has one - but have you?

Musse's "SaturnPC"

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Chyang Fun cubes imminent
August 22, 2002



Chyang Fun Industry Co. Ltd have released the very similarly named CF-7989 and CF-7789 Mini-ITX cases, based on cases from their earlier Flex-ATX barebones systems. Both cases measure (L) 270mm x (W) 190mm x (H) 160mm, and come with 2 front mounted USB ports and a full-size vertical PCI slot. The CF-7989 is Aluminium with a Perspex front, and the CF-7789 is all-Aluminium. Some retailers are calling the CF-7989 the "MiniCube". Incidentally, our picture of the CF-7789 has a 3.5" bay whereas the final product apparently won't.

Further details and larger pictures on the Mini-ITX Hardware page

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Bona announces LIGHT system
August 21, 2002

Bona Computech Co., Ltd. (aka Lex), have announced an Eden-based barebones system called "LIGHT". It is based on the Lex CV860A - their 200 x 150mm Mainboard supporting an EBGA C3 or 400/533/667 Eden processor. The motherboard, although not Mini-ITX in the 170 x 170mm sense of the word, has all the usual Mini-ITX features PLUS a 32 pin socket for Disk On Chip memory, a 50 pin Compact Flash Disk socket supporting up to 576MB of Compact Flash memory and three (3) Ethernet sockets! If you don't believe us take a look our exclusive spy pictures on our hardware page. The whole system is wrapped up in a very appealing looking book-style case measuring just 42 (H) x 220 (W) x 165 (D) mm.

Further pictures on Mini-ITX Hardware page

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VIA launch Mini-ITX projects page
August 20, 2002

VIA have taken a leaf out of our book and launched a Mini-ITX projects page for "the best mods that have what it takes". They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - and we have to be nice to them as they send us things to review! But there's some good stuff up there. They already have a great article written by Peter Bridger of thisstrife fame on how to power a PC from a 12V car battery, and several case mods and car PCs - some you've seen here before, some you haven't. Well worth taking a look..


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LinITX.org - a new site for Linux on Mini-ITX
August 20, 2002

It had to happen - a Linux community site devoted to Mini-ITX form factor has appeared, and initial impressions are good. They're fans of ipcop like us, and even have some forums - which we won't have until we get our act together. As with all community sites, they rely on input from you - so get down there and start posting!


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Morex Cubid 2677R Review
August 17, 2002

Morex Information Ent., Co., Ltd, based in Taipei, Taiwan have been manufacturing and marketing PC cases since 1986. They are also known as Casetronic in the USA and also as Procase. The Cubid 2677R "Super Mini Case" is one of 3 in the Cubid range, the 2677, 2677R (includes a PCI riser and PCI slot) and the 2688 (additional USB ports at the front). They kindly provided us a case to review, and we liked it so much it took us over a week to review it. There's a gallery of over 30 pictures at the end of the review.

Morex Cubid 2677R Review

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Mini-ITX BIOS updated to version 201
August 15, 2002

VIA have updated the Mini-ITX BIOS to version 201 (dated August 13 2002). This revision allows you to hide the summary screen during boot up.


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G-Alantic 610i Review
August 09, 2002

G-Alantic Enterprise Co., Ltd. are a Taiwanese manufacturer and exporter of all sizes of computer cases and associated components. The 'Starex' series 610i case is their first foray into the microcosmic world of Mini-ITX. They kindly provided us with one of the first cases to come off the production line, which we obligingly reviewed. There's a gallery of over 50 pictures at the end of the review. Aren't we nice to you? We'll have a Cubid 2677 review up after the weekend.

G-Alantic 610i SG Review

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Morex add Cubid 2688 case to range
August 08, 2002

Just as we're putting the finishing touches to our 2677 review we notice the 2688... So how long has that been there? ;-) From the weeny pictures on their site the differences appear to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary, but worthwhile nonetheless:

2 x Additional USB ports on the front
Front Access to the left-hand bay above the hard drive
Placement of the case fans against the rear of the case
Grille at the front
New style rectangular power/reset buttons..

Manufacturer's product page

More Hardware news

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